FSSAI License
FSSAI license (also known commonly as food license) stands for Food and Safety Association of India. FSSAI is an body that functions autonomously for defining the rules and taking care of the standards that involves consumable food market prescribed under FSSAI act. FSSAI registration includes restaurants, food manufacturing units and food packing industry as well. FSSAI license is mandatory for all persons that fall under the distribution and production of food materials and must be registered under the FSSAI act, where in turn they are provided with an FSSAI certificate online contains 14 digit FSSAI number which has to be used along with the logo in the packaging of the food materials. Every person who is a food business operator (FBO) needs food licensing from the Food department of India. FSSAI online can be obtained from filing the information in FSSAI registration form of the food license website. There are 3 kinds of food license provided in India i.e. Basic registration, state license and central license.

The government intention behind the FSSAI license is that the food material is produced in a safe environment with the added fact that it is safe for the public health on the account of consumption. The licensing falls under the central government where a non executive person takes care of the licensing part.

Incase the food materials are imported in nature, then the food importer in India can include the FSSAI number pertaining to their business along with from where the product was imported from with the custom clearance in order.

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FSSAI Basic Registration
  • The Food business operators like food manufacturers and small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors etc are required to obtain the FSSAI Registration.
  • The FSSAI Registration is issued by the State Government. Depending upon the eligibility, an FBO can fall under the State or Central Registration license Service. It is mostly for the units having an annual turnover more than 12 lakhs. Although there are other criteria.
FSSAI State License
  • The State License is issued by the State Government and it is important that you have operations in only 1 state, in order to obtain the State license. It is thus mostly for the units having an annual turnover of more than 12 lakh.
  • Food business operators like small to medium sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors etc. are however required to obtain the Fssai State License. FSSAI State License is easy to obtain with proper document.
FSSAI Central License
  • Food business operators imports 100% Export Oriented Units, large manufacturers, operators in Central Government agencies, airports, seaports etc are however required to obtain a Central Food License.
  • The Central license is issued by the Central Government. Furthermore, FBOs have to obtain the Central License form their head office in case operation is in more than 1 state. It is thus mostly for the units who are having an annual turnover which is greater than 20 crores.