Trademark Opposition

Trademark helps in recognizing distinctive goods and services, by creating an identity that takes a brand out of the crowd. If it is not verified, then a brand loses its position in the market. A trademark opposition is the critical stage where a third party can stop an individual or organization from obtaining registration of a trademark which is not unique and already used by the other organization. According to section 21, An owner who has used the same trademark earlier can file the trademark public opposition. In fact, if two or persons have the same issue regarding trademark, they can be joined together to file a trademark opposition. Hence, trademark opposition filling can be filled by the customers, member of the public or competitors or any other person. Along with that, the person who is filling trademark opposition need not be prior registered trademark owner. People are permitted to file trademark opposition within a period of three months from the date of the publication in the trademark journal. Anyone who believes that the published trademark creates ambiguity in the market is free to file trademark opposition.

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