Share Transfer

Shareholders are the true owners of the Company and they are free to transfer their shares at any point of time. Private Limited Company has restriction clause in its Articles of Association and cannot invite public to subscribe its shares, on the other hand transferring of shares in Public Companies and Listed Public Companies is comparatively easy and volatile.

Section 56 of Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 11 of companies (Share Capital & Debenture) Rule 2014 and subject to the compliance of provision given in model articles of association given in table “F” of sehedule-1, an instrument of transfer of securities (generally known as Transfer Deed) shall be in Form No. SH.4 and every instrument of transfer with the date of its execution specified thereon along with the original share certificate and if the share certificate is lost or not found then the copy of letter of allotment shall be delivered to the company within sixty days from the date of such execution as per Rule 11 (1).

A company shall not registered a transfer of partly paid shares, unless the company has given a notice in From No.5 to the transferee and the transferee has given no objection to the transfer within two week from the date of receipt of notice as per Rule11(3).

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